Craps Tournaments Give You the Chance to Win Bigger Prize Money

Craps Tournaments Give You the Chance to Win Bigger Prize Money

If you are already familiar with the basics of Craps, the next best step you need to do is to participate in Craps tournaments. Tourneys provide a venue where you can put your skills against other players. The house edge factor can be eliminated because tournaments involve inter-player competition. Real and online Craps casinos sponsor these events on a regular basis. By participating in live or online tournaments, you will be able to experience the thrill of table gaming and enjoy greater chances of winning big money.

In live casinos, Craps tournaments are typically held during weekends. The buy-in amount to gain entry to the tournament varies from casino to casino. Buy-ins could range from a couple of dollars to several hundred dollars. The amount of tourney grand prize depends primarily on the number of players participating in the event. So, more players mean more money for the grand winner. On the other hand, online craps tourneys are generally cheaper than live events. There are online casinos that only require – buy-in. In fact, online casinos periodically sponsor free tournaments in order to attract more players. These free tourneys are the best events where you can test your skills in the game of Craps.

The basics of Craps tournaments are very simple. Standard Craps rules are followed with only minor variations. However, tourneys have different betting rules than those allowed in regular play. So it is important to read the tournament rules first before you sign up for a tournament. Both live and online Craps tourneys have similar mechanics. The entire tournament is usually divided into several mini-games. The winner of each game advances to the next level until only one table is left. This is the final table and the player who accumulates the most chips will be declared as the tournament champion. The main objective in a tournament is to finish with the most money left in your bankroll. If you have the highest chip count at the end of the tournament, then you will win the grand prize.

There are different types of strategies that you can apply if you are participating in Craps tournaments. The key tactic during a tournament is to maintain minimum betting if you are ahead in chip count. When a particular game is about to close and you are not included in the leader board, then the logical tactic is to play aggressively and bet big amounts so you can have a chance of getting into the winning circle.

During online Craps tourneys, proper bankroll management is crucial. Remember that you have to survive each mini-game so you can advance to the final table. You can only do this if you will properly manage your chips by avoiding absurd bets or getting too conservative with your bets. To increase your winning chances during tournaments, make sure to minimize your losses at the first stages of the game. If you can build a good chip count, then you have to control yourself from making bigger bets in order to maintain your lead over other players.

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